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Sharwimbo River Camp elevated high on the banks of the Kwando river offer an exclusive, eco-friendly and affordable stay with spectacular views   of this wonderful wetland with its abundance of birds and wildlife. The Caprivi  have been renamed in 2013 to the Zambezi region.
The Kwando river boasts a wonderfully rich eco system in all its diversity and beauty.

With  years of tourism experience in this region, we  offer you a true rustic touch of the African bush - where the  drums will join the rhythm of your heart and the pulse in your veins. 

Stay in our steel, pole and canvas chalets....  Experience the river with us on an unforgettable boat cruise . 

The Lizauli Traditional Village within walking distance from the camp is a must on the to do list during your stay .

Sharwimbo River Camp lies on the elephant migrating routes between Botswana and Angola with sightings of huge herds during the winter months. 

It is a birders paradise with over 350 bird species recorded in the area .
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Sharwimbo supports responsible travel with a low carbon footprint.
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On the Buffalo and Elephant Migratory Route